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Through our experiences in the market, we found people are using expensive VMC for these operations. There are components in small and medium batch quantities. Lot of companies are facing problem on delivering components on time. They are using expensive VMC and very high skilled labor to meet target, finally they spend more money and the production cost goes up very high. All this will be replaced by this low cost machine. An unskilled labor can also start working in one day training


Osckaar is used to drill in various PCD named as Variable Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD), PCD from 0mm to 300mm(12") and drill size maximum to 25mm(1"). Components like Flanges, Brack Drums, Motor and Covers, Valve Bodies and Disc Bracks etc... which has small and medium batch quantity can be done very cost effective.

Same as all VMC, this machine head fixed in vertical column, which has up and down Z-axis movement through guide ways with lead screw and Spindle is up and down up to 75mm travel with Ball Screw. The slide is fixed in the base for X-axis movement. Servo Indexing Table is mounted in the slide. The slide movement towards and away from the column generates X-axis. With the Digital Linear Scale, the PCD can be varied as required very easily

Technical Specifications:

Drilling Size 25mm
Pitch Circle Diameter PCD Max. 300mm
Table Adjustment X-Axis 170mm
Spindle Speed 8 (90 to 1000RPM)
Spindle Z-Axis Drive Servo
Sindle Z-Axis Travel 75mm
Indexing Table Z-Axis Drive Servo
Max. Distance Table Face to Spindle Nose 530mm